Azer is a kung zhu. He is named after the country Azerbaijan.


The older brother of Drayko, Azer was raised in the Dragon Clan. He later joined the Special Forces, but left when his best friend Sergeant Serge beat him for a title of Sergeant. Azer then created the horrible Skull Tribe.

Note: Don't let Azer's cute look fool you! This hamster may be small and skinny but is secretly aggressive with the other Kung Zhu's.


LIKES: Spoiled milk, baseball, and the katanas of fire.

DISLIKES: Sunny days, ice cream, and Sergeant Serge.

Name: Azer

Color: Tan or Orange

Gender: Male

Birthday: Unknown

Birthmark: Skull

Family: Thorn (brother), Yama (brother),KZ Pet Azer 1

Lives in: The Palace of Zhu alongside the healthy training center

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