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Chunk is a Zhu Zhu Pet. He was one of the first hamsters released, and one of the main characters in Quest for Zhu.


Whoa, du
de! This laid-back surf hamster is famous for chillin’ out, hangin’ back and layin’ low. But when he gets a whiff of some slammin’ surf, he’s off and runnin’! Don’t spare the hugs for this rad rodent. He lives to feel the love.


Name: Chunk

Gender: Male

Birthmark: Sun

Color: White

Favorite Food: Cupcake

Birthday: 08/1

Family: Snickle Fritz (Pets) (brother), Snowball (brother)

Friends: Kacee, Pipsqueak, Mr. Squiggles, Num Nums, Jilly, and more!


Chunk's Birthmark.

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