Miss Mabel is a zhu zhu pet appearing in zhu zhu babies.


Miss Mabel is made from light blue fur, she has pink nose and black eyes. Also she has sweet print on her back it’s a little light green branch and tiny light blue heart on her forehead. Miss Mabel is very energetic person, she loves to play with babies different games day after day, and she always come with a new game every Friday.

Miss Mabel has the sweetest voice out of the Lullabye Hamsters. That's why she is the best singer. Her mellow, songbird voice will softly place even the most rambunctious baby to sleep!


Name: Miss Mabel

Gender: Female

Color: Light Blue

Birthmark: Rattle

Birthday: 04/28

Lives in: The Zhu Zhu Daycare with the babies

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