Princess serenity

Prince Serenity is a Zhu Zhu pet.


Running wildly and untamed, unicorns are prized creatures in the Zhu-niverse. Their horns contain ancient magical powers, giving their owners eternal life. Evil poachers roam the lands of the Zhu-niverse, trying to capture unicorns for this reason. Serenity was close to falling into one of their wicked hands, but Prince Dashington saved the unicorn. Eternally grateful, Serenity is now the loyal aid to Prince Dashington!


Name: Prince Serenity

Gender: Male

Color: Purple

Birthmark: Heart with wings

Birthday: 08/15

Family: Princess Sebille (sister), Princess Snowcup (sister)

Lives in: A Castle with Snowcup and the gang

Owner: Prince Dashington

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