81080-R4 Tabatha

Tabatha is a zhu zhu baby.


Theater is the name of the game for this small chipmunk. Since she was born, Tabatha has studying the art of theater and is truly gifted in the acting field. Tabatha has starred in all of her pre-school's plays and hopes to be a movie star!


Name: Tabatha

Gender: Female

Animal: Chipmunk

Birthmark: Acorn

Birthday: 3/13

Family: Nutters (brother), Butters (sister), Jelly (sister), Nuhtters (Half Brother)

Lives in: The Daycare


Tabatha is the only zhu zhu baby who is not a member of the Wild Bunch. She is a chipmunk like Nutters, Butters, and Jelly. but, because of her size, She is a baby chipmunk.

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